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Buying Fabric in Today's World

We are all reeling in some way or another since the dreaded C word rocked our worlds, however I count my blessings in being fortunate enough to live on beautiful Waiheke Island in New Zealand.

 Our clothing is produced between ‘two islands’ – designed and sold through our retail store on Waiheke & online & ethically made in Bali, absolutely no factories!

Our Bali team; made up of 7 families are all set-up to work from their own homes. We have provided everyone with sewing machines & all the tools of the trade, & our exceedingly talented ‘tailors’ produce what they can as they can. Whilst they are employed and only work for The Tailor & his Lover they are in effect self-employed as we pay per garment ensuring each family earns the maximum possible, it also ensures they have the freedom to work at their own pace. This may sound a bizarre way to run a business but these guys (yes all men!) are true artisans, their sewing ability is beyond fault – check out any piece you may already own and you will see for yourself.

Only French seams means double the sewing (& double the work) but we want all our pieces to last a lifetime that’s why we combine their talents with hand selected quality fabrics – which brings me back to the dreaded C word.

 I am obsessed with fabric which up until recently was such a visual & tactile experience, too often I would end up with metres of something just because I loved it only to realise I didn’t have a single pattern suitable, or more recently 3 metres of a silk which made only one dress! (watch in store soon for 12 limited edition silk dresses that bear testament to this folly).

Covid has completely changed all this, now I spend my days (& nights) on Whatsapp and zoom calls buying fabrics online.

Doing virtual tours of suppliers’ showrooms is challenging, especially when I am heard constantly yelling “Go back, no not that one, the roll in between” only to find it wasn’t suitable.

Suppliers stocks are dwindling due to interrupted production runs & shipping delays, and 10 shades of blush are now only 2. This all may be remedied very soon, but regardless my fabric obsession is about to pay back & hopefully delight, my wonderful stash of pre-covid fabrics are now in production with new designs arriving weekly.

Hope you love them too.



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